Photo by:  Kadream

Photo by: Kadream

Malvin Magri / Creator

I've always had a knack for the sense of smell dating back to my childhood.  I would always be interested in how things smelled and would find ways to link them. Growing up in Miami was a major influence to my olfactive sense. Influenced by so much culture and diversity. Miami has always been an integral part of my life as an artist.

Until about 4 years ago, I got into collecting perfume. Just out of curiosity I started blending them with others. That's when it hit me... "What if I can make my own fragrances?" So, I started looking into materials and books on how to make perfume. At first it was all a mess. Countless trials and sleepless nights just thinking on how to make these materials dance in harmony. I knew if I was going to be a struggle but I had to keep at it. So that's what I did and here we are now 2 years later. Self-taught in the art of perfumery I bring to you my creative expressions via Akscent Perfumes.